21 Sep, 2023

Design study on large PM machines for marine applications

Research Area: TU/e Year: 2004
Type of Publication: Technical Report
Authors: Janssen, JLG
Score was 10/10
This report presents the design and analysis of large permanent magnet brushless machines to be used in a direct-drive marine propulsion application. Specifically, a 7MW, 156rpm machine and a 21.5MW, 137rpm machine are investigated. Rolls Royce has provided initial specifications for both the 7MW and the 21.5MW configurations, which are complemented by some additional specifications in order to constrain the design path. Important electrical, thermal and mechanical parameters, such as inductance, temperature distribution and mass, are investigated and compared for different pole and slot number combinations. The most feasible designs are further investigated in terms of iron losses, magnet loss and thermal properties. Fault tolerance of the machines is discussed, as well as behaviour under different load conditions, and each design is compared on several critical points.
This research was conducted at the University of Sheffield as a pre-Master internship.


Dr. J.L.G. (Jeroen) Janssen MSc

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